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Lets start from the same point of understanding and the same point of awareness.  

 AWARENESS – over conscious, cognition, knowledge, the state of being aware of being aware. Awareness has no opinion, second thought or doubt. It is knowledge without any thinking process, without any preconceptions. Awareness contains the whole consciousness as a possibility so anything is possible and probable.

 CONSCIOUSNESS- the field of Creation. The world of “I “, identity and duality. The playground of the Creator the Soul and Ego. It is a field which  Subconscious Superconscious.

 PSYCHE – the human experience where the personality is the character we have chosen to perform  on the stage we call life. Our personal human design project.

PERCEPTION  – the quantum flied’s interpretation. Once we are are perceiving something we are entering the process of analysing our own imagination. Perception is analysation of out own imagination we forgot we imagining.